Django Portfolio Application

As I near the end of my run with AiO, I've been asked to come up with a portfolio. This has been pretty time consuming as there have been several rounds of critiques as I went through the process. The last stage of this journey, at least as far as the school is concerned, is the creation of an interactive portfolio. While the class will be doing theirs in Dreamweaver (eew), I've elected to create a reusable application for django to handle this. This is basically a mind dump of what it should include in hopes someone will spot something I've missed.

That was until I realized that Wilson Miner has already laid out 95% of that for anyone who wants it. So if you're really interested in this, go read Wilson's years old blog post that goes over exactly what I was going to talk about much better than I would have likely managed.

The only differences one would have to take into account when recreating this application would be models. This tutorial, being 2 years old, falls well before the landing of NewForms Admin, so if you're looking to copy this, you'll need to pull those out into an file to hook it into the admin. You would also need to change the repr function to unicode. Super simple.

I suppose this post amounted to a big thumbs up to Wilson Miner, and a testament to the stability of the django API.

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