Top 5 Bookmarklets

  1. Insert jQuery: This bookmarklet is amazing if you're a firebug user. It allows you to use jquery in firebug, even when the site doesn't support it. I use it for things ranging from checking a bunch of checkboxes or checking the number of uses for a particular css class. You don't know that you're missing it until you don't have jQuery at your fingertips. (The bookmarklet is towards the middle)
  2. Url Shortening Service: This allows you to convert huge urls into really small ones. My preferred service is because their urls are quite short and their site is appealing to the eyes.
  3. Amazon Wishlist: Influenced heavily by the upcoming holiday season, I like to keep this bookmark around so I know what it is I actually want. (I draw a blank when put on the spot). It allows me to add to the list all year round and cherry pick things from it when I want to treat myself.
  4. Read Later: I actually just picked this one up today. The service, Instapaper, allows you to flag a specific website to read later. This in and of itself isn't very revolutionary. Bookmarks have been doing this for years. The real boon is the accompanying iPhone application which allows you to view these when you're on the go. I have high hopes for this app when it comes to my upcoming commute into work.
  5. Django Bookmarklets: These bookmarklets are quite under used, I think. They allow you to do things like view the documentation of a given view and edit an object in the admin among other things. I'll be using them to edit blog posts (much like this one) when I see a mistake. You can find these in the admindocs contrib application.
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